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#5. What Is Qi or Chi? Part 2

Episode Summary

In this episode I discuss different types of Qi within the medical context focusing on how Qi is generated in the body as a result of eating, drinking, and breathing. We'll also look at the vital role of the lungs in pushing the Qi through the channels and how we can heal ourselves using our breathing in Tai Chi and Qigong. To conclude we use an example of Qi from folklore, history and common religion "The Zheng Qi of Guan Gong" - "The Righteous and Just Qi of the God of War"

Episode Notes

氣 = Qi or Chi

气 = Vapor, or Steam

米 = Rice

The concepts and terms discussed in this episode are standard curriculum in all acupuncture schools. For further details you can consult almost any Foundation Chinese Medicine text.

I like "The Foundations of Traditional Medicine", by Giovanni Maciocia. Perhaps you can find it at your local library.

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